The Angels

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Good Morning

Hi, We are a working group of

sistem ours names are: Saray

Correcha Briņez and Laura Tatiana

Cuellar Barrero.

We join together because

together we work better

and we say not to laziness

My name is Laura

Tatiana and my last

name is Cuellar Ba-

rrero , I am fifteen

years old, I study in

the San Isidoro High

School and I´m in the

eleventh grade.

My name is Saray, I'm

fifteen years old and

I'm student of the last year

in San Isidoro High School,

also candidate for student


The name of my mom is

Marleny Barrero she is 52

years old and works in

inapin Ltad.

This is my family my father's name

is Alexander And my mother's name

is Imelda I'm with my brother Juan

and my sis Luisa

My pet's name is pachita

and it is a cat she likes to

sleep and eat too much

and it is always where I am

It's my pet, it's name is

Sparky, it's husky and

it's two years old, Sparky

loves play with toys and balls.

My friends are: Saray,Isabella

Tovar and

Prada. We spend very

nice times together and

fun, we like to help us

in what they need.

These are my friends their names are: Joseph, Miguel

and Isabella. we are friends a long time ago and we

also like sports.

I like to ride a bicycle because I find

it a very fun sport

I like to ride a bicycle and I'm going

to ride a bike every weekend

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He is a traffic police, his name is

Vasquez and now he work in Espinal.

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He is Trujillo, he is a

private security guard in

in the company Usocoello

and he is a serious person.

go to Segurity

That is the tambora, the most

recognized monument in Espinal

and represents our culture.

We are in the fire station of Espinal,

next to the youngest firefighter

and his name is german hernandez.

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In this photo we are in

"the new cementery" as

they call it in the town.

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